March 22, 2005
Contact: Mikhiela Sherrod 229 430-9870
Southern Alternatives Agriculture Cooperative Prepares for the Future
Rural Black Women Plan for Expansion of Co-op Products

Albany (GA).....The women leading Southern Alternatives Agricultural Cooperative (SAAC) have been busy preparing for the future.   Originally begun by a group of farmers, the pecan processing operation of Southern Alternatives in Leslie Georgia was transitioned in 2004 to a group of women members of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund. 

SAAC women are members of the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative (SRBWI) that promotes the first human rights agenda in the United States aimed at eradicating historical race, class, cultural, religious and gender barriers experienced by southern rural black women. 

SRBWI operates in 77 counties across the black belts of Alabama and Southwest Georgia and the Delta in Mississippi, of which many are considered the poorest in the rural south.

The SAAC members are currently working on a revitalized media and mailing marketing campaign that will reach pecan lovers nationwide and expand their customer base.  As a part of this, SAAC also has plans to expand their product listing by growing a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs to make delicious tasting pies and baked goods.  Be on the lookout for more innovative and wonderful products from Southern Alternatives.

Note: The Federation/LAF, now in its 37th year,  assists Black family farmers across the South with farm management, debt restructuring, alternative crop suggestions, marketing expertise and a whole range of services to ensure family farm survivability.