Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Land Assistance Fund



Ralph Paige
Executive Director

  Welcome to our web site.  We look forward to sharing information with you about our work and to encourage your participation with us as we serve the rural South.  Since 1967, we at the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund (Federation/LAF) have remained true to our founding purposes of helping people to help themselves through cooperatives...we have developed family farmers, especially those of color, remain and develop their landholdings as a key to rural community development...we have accepted the challenge of working with the poorest, most neglected and isolated people in the rural Southeast to help them make a difference in their lives and livelihoods.

As you will see from our web site, the Federation/LAF’s development work throughout the southeast United States is comprehensive. Now in our 45th year, we are involved in cooperative development in agriculture, housing, marketing, small businesses and credit unions in low income communities. While the press reports a rising stock market and prosperity in many parts of our nation, in the poor rural communities of the South, there are still double digit unemployment rates, unacceptable high school drop our rates, numerous units of substandard housing, incomes well below the national average, tragic loss of Black owned land and many other systemic problems of poverty. Much work needs to be done and the Federation/LAF will continue to provide options and alternatives to building and sustaining rural communities.

On our web site we will provide updates of our cooperative development work and other relevant issues. We hope you will work with us in our mission to build self-sufficiency in rural communities and save Black owned land. Join us to faithfully and forthrightly battle for economic and social justice for all, especially poor, Black family farmers and our rural constituencies
throughout the South.

Send us e-mail messages, become a member of the Federation/LAF, learn how to build cooperatives, learn about strategies to save your land, and donate moneys to the Federation/LAF to help us continue to serve our constituents.

We look forward to hearing from you now and in the future.

Cooperatively yours,

Ralph Paige
Executive Director

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