Federation of Southern Cooperatives
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Class Action Suit Archive Press Releases

FEBRUARY 25, 2005
The USDA to unfairly end injunctive relielf for Black farmers 
Injunctive relief to end in April 2005
FEBRUARY 21, 2005
The Truth of the Pigford Lawsuit by Black Farmers Against the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Black farmers hear from Attorney J.L. Chestnut about their lawsuit
JANUARY 10, 2005
U.S. District Court Denies Motions to Modify Black Farmer Consent Decree
Judge Paul Friedman recommends legislation action
Some Remedies to the Pigford Case and Needed Services to Black Family Farmers
NOVEMBER 30, 2001
 Resolution on the Black Farmer Law Suit passed by the members of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund
JULY 6, 2001
Monitor's office provides information on injunctive relief for Pigford class members. The document is entitled "Monitor Update: Injunctive Relief in Pigford v. Glickman" (update 004). Call 1-877-924-7483 for information.
OCTOBER 26, 2000
USDA Update on the Black Farmers Law Suit - Federation/LAF Assists Denied Claimants With Monitor Petition 
JULY 25, 2000
USDA July 20, 2000 Update On the Class Action Suit - 5,686 farmers have received $50,000
MAY 16, 2000
USDA Initiates New Website on Class Action Suit Filed By Black Farmers
APRIL 19, 2000
Update on the Black Farmer Law Suit
Farmers Can Submit Additional Information On Appeal
MARCH 23, 2000
Executive Director Ralph Paige Sends Letter to Judge Paul Friedman Regarding Consent Decree Appeals Process
JANUARY 5, 2000
US District Court Appoints Monitor in Black Farmer Law Suit
Attorney Randi Roth of the Farmers' Legal Action Group Appointed as Monitor
OCTOBER 9,1999
A Call For Extension of Black Farmer Class Action Settlement
Federation/LAF asks Judge Freidman to extend time for claims package requests and submissions
APRIL 22, 1999
Judge Friedman Approves Black Farmer Settlement
Black Farmers To Finally Receive Financial Relief After Years of Discrimination
FEBRUARY 28, 1999
The Coordinating Council of Black Farm Groups Sends Letter To U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman Prior to the March 2 Fairness Hearing On Class Action Suit Filed By Black Farmers
The Coordinating Council Requests That Some Changes Be Made In The Consent Decree
FEBRUARY 3, 1999
Black Farmers And Advocates Explore Marketing Issues, Farm Policies And The Class Action Suit Filed By Black Farmers Against The Government 
Federation of Southern Cooperatives Holds 16th Annual "Marketing & Farmers Conference" In Albany, Georgia Friday, February 12 & Saturday, February 13, 1999 
JANUARY 6, 1999
Black Farmers Win Settlement With The Government 
Black Farmers To Finally Receive Financial Relief After Years Of Discrimination
OCTOBER  9, 1998
A Major And Historic Victory For Black Farmers: Today Black Farmers Are Designated As A Class By Judge Paul Friedman 
Farmers Have Long Awaited This Class Designation By The Federal Courts
SEPTEMBER  8, 1998
Black Farmers To Pray In Washington On September 10 To Call For 
National Support In Their Struggle To Hold On To Their Land 
The Federation/LAF calls for justice and a level playing field for Black farmers
FEBRUARY 17, 1998
Black Farmers Attend Civil Rights Town Hall Meeting At Federation/LAF 15th Annual Farmers Conference In Albany, Georgia 
Attorney J.L. Chestnut Contends Two Black Farmer Class Action Suits Are In The Offing

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